This is Joey Guerra

Hi. I'm Joey Guerra. I'm an ex UT pole vaulter (1994 SWC, 1993 OK Indoor), who graduated with an Aerospace Engineering degree. Worked at Johnson Space Center doing thermal analysis on EVA tools and certifying Space Station hardware for space flight. I taught myself how to code and transitioned to the internet industry just in time for the .com bubble to burst. Yay.

My journey includes working at a startup telecommunications company, building a prisoner management system, legal case management software, and a video chat system for an internet dating startup (don't judge). I also spent tons of time at a couple of retail companies, working on enterprise systems.

Now I work for ThoughtWorks as a Technical Principal where I plan to help people in organizations going through transformation, do some solid engineering practices.

Ask me about leadership, change management, agility, the MVC design pattern (be ready for this one), Test Driven Development, Pair and Mob Programming, building empowered teams and DevOps if you want to spark up a lively conversation.